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          University of Minnesota

          Human Rights Topic Guides - Index

          The human rights topic guides offer introductions to various human rights issues, presenting definitions, key rights at stake, human rights instruments, and protection and assistance agencies.

          The guides also offer links to the full text of international treaties relevant for the topic, and other useful resources from the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library and HREA.

          The Aged
          Children and Youth
          Ethnic and Racial Minorities
          European Human Rights System
          Food and Water
          Freedom of Assembly and Association
          Freedom of Expression
          Freedom of Movement
          Freedom of Religion or Belief Arabic || French || Russian || Spanish
          Indigenous Peoples' Study Guide Arabic || French || Russian || Spanish
          Inter-American Human Rights System
          International Humanitarian Law
          Persons with Disabilities
          Right to a Family
          Right to Culture
          Right to Life
          The Right to Means for Adequate Health Arabic || French
          The Right to Vote Arabic || French || Russian || Spanish
          The Rights of Non-Citizens Arabic || French || Russian || Spanish
          The Rights of Refugees Russian
          Torture, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment
          Sexual Orientation and Human Rights
          Slavery and Forced Labor
          Sustainable Development
          United Nations Human Rights System

          Methodology and Learning Materials: Women's Rights Methodology

          Learning Materials: The Right to Food Methodology
          Learning Materials: Freedom from Racial Discrimination
          Human Rights Resource Center
          Fact Sheets
          Studies, Surveys, and Evaluations
          Rule of Law Symposium
          Rule of Law: What Does it Mean? Robert Stein, 18 Minn. J. Int?’l L. 293 (2009)
          English  ||  Arabic

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